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Heli and Cat Skiing

North Iceland area

For those in search of a euphoria rush it doesn’t get much better than back country skiing in northern Iceland. The north of Iceland is fast becoming a mecca for heli and cat skiing enthusiasts, and with great snow conditions, quiet mountains and such a high level of service it’s easy to see why.

Heli-skiing and cat-skiing in Iceland

Iceland is gaining a well-deserved reputation for incredible heli-skiing, cat-skiing and ski-touring experiences. Part of the appeal is that area is still almost deserted by comparison to its southern European counterparts, leaving miles of mountains untouched and ready to be skied.

Heli and cat skiing is an unforgettable way to explore more of this remote skiing haven, with stunning views out over the fjords and incredible descents from mountain peaks right down to the shore. The Trollfjord peninsular is the most popular base for both heli-skiing, cat skiing and ski-touring trips, and whether you're after a day excursion from your base in Akureyri, or are in search of the ultimate heli-skiing holiday, then the experts at skiIceland are ready to help craft your ideal experience.


  • Expert guides
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  • Day trips or multi-day adventures
  • Safety equipment & breifing

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The Ultimate Heli-Skiing Holiday in Iceland

The Ultimate Heli-Skiing Holiday in Iceland

Bespoke heli-skiing adventures

Bespoke heli-skiing adventures
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We have a range of exciting trips and excursions available to suit most abilities and interests.

  • Heli-skiing from 1/2 a day to a dedicated 4 day holiday
  • Cat skiing from 1/2 a day
  • Ski-touring

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